Jadwal Piala Dunia U20 Wanita 2014

*) Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat (GMT +7)

06 AUG
04.00 FINLAND KOREA DPR National Soccer Stadium
06.00 GERMANY USA Commonwealth Stadium
07.00 CANADA GHANA National Soccer Stadium
09.00 CHINA PR BRAZIL Commonwealth Stadium
07 AUG
03.00 ENGLAND KOREA REPUBLIC Moncton Stadium
04.00 FRANCE COSTA RICA Olympic Stadium
06.00 MEXICO NIGERIA Moncton Stadium
07.00 NEW ZEALAND PARAGUAY Olympic Stadium
09 AUG
04.00 GHANA KOREA DPR National Soccer Stadium
06.00 GERMANY CHINA PR Commonwealth Stadium
07.00 CANADA FINLAND National Soccer Stadium
09.00 USA BRAZIL Commonwealth Stadium
10 AUG
00.00 ENGLAND MEXICO Moncton Stadium
03.00 KOREA REPUBLIC NIGERIA Moncton Stadium
04.00 NEW ZEALAND FRANCE Olympic Stadium
07.00 PARAGUAY COSTA RICA Olympic Stadium
13 AUG
03.00 BRAZIL GERMANY Olympic Stadium
03.00 USA CHINA PR Moncton Stadium
06.00 KOREA DPR CANADA Olympic Stadium
06.00 GHANA FINLAND Moncton Stadium
14 AUG
04.00 PARAGUAY FRANCE Commonwealth Stadium
04.00 COSTA RICA NEW ZEALAND National Soccer Stadium
07.00 NIGERIA ENGLAND Commonwealth Stadium
07.00 KOREA REPUBLIC MEXICO National Soccer Stadium
17 AUG
04.00 KOREA DPR USA National Soccer Stadium
07.00 GERMANY CANADA Commonwealth Stadium
18 AUG
03.00 NIGERIA NEW ZEALAND Moncton Stadium
06.00 FRANCE KOREA REPUBLIC Olympic Stadium
21 AUG
03.00 KOREA DPR NIGERIA Moncton Stadium
06.00 GERMANY FRANCE Olympic Stadium
25 AUG
03.00 KOREA DPR FRANCE Olympic Stadium
25 JUL
06.00 NIGERIA GERMANY Olympic Stadium

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